A downloadable Academic Project for Windows

The goals of Poravity are to capture the core objective and complete the accompanying requirement to score. This includes taking your flag to the enemy base, and a score system that increases by taking bases and killing enemies. Other objectives include successfully traversing the environment, as well as practicing-with-the-intent-of-mastering our traversal mechanics. Players will be able to use a 4-weapon arsenal, along with their own player abilities, to maximize their combat and traversal potential. While the game is accessible to anyone, the mastery of these abilities and weapons will set the elite apart from the rest.

Players must be logged into the Steam Network in order to play.

Team Member's LinkedIn Profiles:

Sharroll Smith

Kevin Thomas

Tristan Burger

Kalel Gwin

Install instructions

Be sure you have Steam Open and are logged in prior to loading Poravity. 


Poravity Executable

Development log