Final Build Notes

Poravity Week 4 Build Notes


  • “Q”to flip gravity

  • Standard “WASD” controls for movement

  • “Space” to jump

  • “Left Mouse Button” will fire your weapon

  • “Right Mouse Button” will zoom the weapon in

  • “Middle Mouse Button” can be scrolled to swap currently available weapons

  • “Numbers 1-5” can be pressed to equip notated currently available weapon

  • “R” to manually reload your weapon

  • “Shift” will allow you to quickly Strafe in a horizontal direction based on velocity

  • “C” or “Control”  will lower the player into a crouch

Known Issues

  • Can’t use controller in menus

Added This Week

  • Aesthetics

    • Textured Atmosphere Maps

    • Textured Cloud City

    • Textured Infiltration Training

  • Audio

    • Added a background audio to Main Menu

    • Added audio clip to when a door opens in the Shooting Range

    • Added footsteps

    • Altered pitch and attenuation of Crashdown sound

    • Added audio to Melee functionality

    • Added sound to button hover-over and clicks

    • Added audio to Dash

    • Added audio to Weapon Swap/Pickup

    • Added audio to lift interaction

    • Added Spawn audio

  • User Interface

    • Added glow to Weapons UI

    • Changed weapon positions

    • Changed visual of Flip Indicator

    • Added Credits page

    • Added Escape functionality to Controls Panel

    • Added gray overlay to Crashdown UI

    • Added radial counter for how often a player can use the gravity inversion

    • Removed information for how many available slots were in a lobby, as the information would never represent properly

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed being able to uncrouch under objects

    • Fixed disappearing capture point upon walking over it after picking up the flag in Infiltration

    • Fixed disconnection of Main Menu through “Return to Main Menu” button

    • Fixed game being able to start while players are not all “Ready”

    • Fixed number of captures to win not updating for blue team in Infiltration

    • Fixed Victory being given to last team to score flag in Infiltration

    • Fixed Player Name displaying over every player while looking at a single person

    • Fixed Player Information not displaying after initial character death

    • Fixed Client aiming being off-center when looking up or down

    • Fixed Client gravity not representing properly after flipping in rare occasions

    • Fixed text overlap in Player Options menu

    • Fixed gaps in Tutorial and Shooting Range that allowed for exiting the map

    • Fixed colors not changing appropriately in lobby

    • Fixed “Ready” status not changing appropriately in lobby

    • Fixed crosshair not disappearing on death

    • Fixed color not setting properly on clients at start



To begin, the player will first be introduced to looking around by way of in-game text in front of them, showing them how to move and pan the camera. From there, they will move forward, being introduced to the jump mechanic as they learn to traverse floating platforms. After crossing the platform section, the player will be shown to parallel walkways with a gap between them, enforcing the need to learn how to use the strafe action, which is a sideways dash that uses player stamina.

After passing this point, the player will be shown instructions on how to Sprint. This is done by holding forward and hitting the LShift key (or L3 on a controller). Once the player is introduced to this action, they will need to tie together both jumping and sprinting to clear the large gap in front of them. Once clearing this gap, they will be shown how to Crouch, in which using this ability will be necessary to progress underneath the lowered ceiling in front of them. At this point, players are introduced to Poravity’s core mechanic in which they must switch their gravity inversion to align themselves with the ceiling, sliding through a gap that will lead them to the following area.

Once on the new ceiling (now represented as the player’s floor), they will have to invert their gravity again to be presented with the jump pad. This jump pad will launch the player across a very large gap that is only crossable by this jump pad, that finally leads them to their first interaction with the gravity lift. Upon entering the lift, the lights in the walls will depict to the player that they are moving upward in a fast motion just before reaching the top, where they are pushed forward and removed from the lift. Now in the latter half of the tutorial, players are introduced to more of the games interactions via Spike Traps, Turbines, Fusion Cores, Anti-Gravity zones, and Teleporters.

At first, the player must shoot the fusion cores from a distance, as being too close will cause them to die in the domino-effect explosions of the fusion cores. Should the player take any damage at all and still survive, they will be able to pick up Health kits that are placed in front of them in a line. Moving forward, players will be introduced to the Spike Traps that exist within the game. Coming in contact with these while they are jetting forward will kill the player instantly, so introducing them here in a small cluster of 3 on each wall shows the player not just how to manipulate the space around them, but also how to remain out of their killzones. Moving forward from this section, players will need to invert their gravity once more to avoid the Turbines that are in front of them, which is just one way to move around them. After inverting gravity back to normal to reach the ground again, players will finally be introduced to the teleporter interactions. While these are not used in the game to directly avoid turbines elsewhere, their inclusion here is to show the players strictly how they may be able to progress through areas that are otherwise just walls or blockades of any sort. The first interaction is with one-way teleporters, where the green entry point shows a vision of the opposite portal, though the purple exit point does not show anything from the other side. This is intended to tell the player that they are able to move through the one side, but not the other. After crossing through the one-way portal, the player is shown the two-way portal. These portals are blue, rather than green and purple, and show an image of the opposing portal from each side, displaying that a player may enter from either way and come out where the entry portal is displaying.

Coming to the end of the Tutorial, players will have to jump through the Anti-Gravity fields to cross a large gap that not even sprinting and jumping would be able to cover. These fields will give the player the ability to float through, so that a normal jump would be able to get them across such a large clearing. Once landing, players are told about their Melee ability, while given a few dummies to practice this ability on. Each hit will kill a dummy, with not every one needing to be killed to move forward. This design choice gives the player the room to practice and familiarize themselves with meleeing, though does not force them to do it for longer than they would want to. Finally, players will invert their gravity twice more to cover the space from their current floor to the next ceiling, and then back to the floor much higher up. They will then be shown the final bit of instructions, which is to use their Crouch ability that they learned before, but while airborne. What this does is activates the ability of Crashdown. Crashdown will pan the player’s camera downward, showing them the direction in which they will fall, increasing their speed until they hit the ground, where they will do a large amount of damage around wherever they land, while displaying a large particle effect. Moving forward just a few steps to the glowing pedestal will allow for the player to complete the tutorial and return to the main menu.


Shooting Range:

As the player beings, they will have the pistol in their hand and an open doorway in front of them. Moving into the next room, the player will be able to use this pistol to kill dummies and targets that are strewn throughout the room. The moving targets in the room are placed to give the player practice in shooting moving targets, however, their destruction is not necessary to move onward. The dummies that are within each room are illuminated to give the sense of importance to the player. As opposed to the targets, these each need to be destroyed before the player is able to continue to the following room. Each room must be cleared to reach the eventual end.

All of these rooms give the player the same options as the previous one, with different layouts to allow for the player to utilize distance (or lack-thereof) and destroy the dummies or targets however they see fit. This area is designed to be more of a small arena to test how melee, Crashdown, and different weapons works on moving targets, as well as player stand-ins. Upon reaching the end of the long hallway that leads to the shining pedestal, the player will be able to complete the Shooting Range in the same way that they completed the Tutorial, and being given the option to return to the Main Menu should they feel their work in the Range is complete.


Infiltration Training:

When starting the Infiltration training, the player is shown their colored flag and told that they must bring it to the capture point. They must immediately use a teleporter placed in their room (and originally introduced in the Tutorial) to escape the room. Once outside of the initial room, the player must traverse a short-but-tight hallway that is covered with turbines. Should a player die by any of the turbines in this hallway, or by any other means elsewhere in the level, they will return to the room in which they began the training. After clearing the hallway, the player is tasked with inverting their gravity and moving themselves slightly to land on the large platform underneath them that provides them with a place to analyze their environment and plan their next moves.

From this platform, the player will be given full range to invert, jump, dash, and sprint wherever they can to progress to the capture point, notated on their map by an “Attack” icon. There are a series of platforms in front of the player that they will need to jump across to ultimately reach the building that houses the capture point. The player is able to use any method they previously learned to do this, as a small error in judgement may cause the player to begin to plummet toward the kill zone of the area. This is also the first time that a player is introduced to the soft kill zones that exist in each of the multiplayer maps, designated by a large electricity-covered box. Once leaving this box, the player will be shown a screen that tells them to return to the battlefield within a certain amount of seconds. Should the player fail to do this, they will die and respawn at their appropriate spawn place.

Dying at any point in this tutorial, or in Infiltration mode, will cause the player to drop the flag where they died. This is a dynamic rule, however, as dieing by way of falling outside of the battlefield will cause the flag to return back to the original pickup location, as opposed to where the player was when they were killed while holding it. Should the player be able to avoid this hazard while moving toward the capture point, they will end up inside the final building, displaying a gravity lift in front of them that leads to the next level of the building. By taking the lift up to the next level, players will be able to see where the capture point is. Once walking over this point with the flag, the player will be shown a screen designating their victory, exactly like the one they would see if they were to win the game in a multiplayer version of Infiltration. This screen will allow the player to choose to return to the main menu, ending the training experience.

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